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2018 Trends that define the Social Media Landscape

There is so much coming up in social media marketing that it is going to be one of the biggest upcoming annual departures we have seen for a while. It keeps growing and the number of users also keeps growing. Also, the amount of screen time per user also keeps increasing with advancements in technologies and more mobile methods to use social media. Companies are really starting to improve their headway into the social media platform and are beginning to settle in, and manifest into some sort of valuable final form. The social media platforming is becoming the next stage for advertising.

Instagram Stories

When Instagram launched stories, people just called it a rip off of Snapchat, which it really was. But today, daily viewers of Instagram stories have surpassed the daily Snapchat viewers, with just one year after launch and the growth is only increasing.
A major deal with Instagram is that accounts with over 10,000 followers can add a link to their story which can help an individual market a product ten folds and make a person want the product as soon as he sees it. The only other area a person can put a link is on their account description, so having a link on their story increases their inquiry opportunities by a huge magnitude.
Instagram is highly profitable and usable for companies as Instagram metrics are highly traceable.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a huge business. People nowadays usually buy something if a famous person who they like is using the same thing and the same product. These are usually big celebrities who earn 6 digit incomes.
Millennials and Generation Z have an enormous amount of purchasing power is in their hands. They are easily influenced by celebrities who they follow. Nowadays you see a huge number of athlete’s marketing their supplements on their Instagram pages. A huge number of people tend to buy the same product the celebrity uses and tends to trust the brand.

Generation Z influences Social Media Trends

Generation Z is more likely to be influenced by social media marketing than by sales and discounts. This is the only generation who value social media over prices when it comes to purchasing decisions.
According to a study by Fluent, 81% of the generation watches at least one hour of online videos per day or even more than that, their exposure to social media is a lot and they are used to it.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is going to be seen a lot more in the future and the people who use it will be up to date with the times and its dominance will increase as it is loved by most people.
Every day the cell phone market keeps improving at a fast pace, which allows the apps available on the app store to keep improving and moving with these rapid changes.
Nowadays our data speed has become better and is going to take an amazing leap once 5G becomes the standard network.
Live streaming is a unique advancement which takes advantage of the upcoming hardware improvements. Picture resolution and size of the phone keeps improving and it will reach a point where you don’t really need to zoom in to see a picture or a video in detail. As the video processing keeps getting better, all devices will be able to handle a better streaming quality across many channels at the same time.

Twitter will change

They themselves don’t know it yet but with the traffic decreasing, twitter will have to go through a major makeover. Even they themselves don’t know what exactly is gonna change but it’s gonna happen soon if it wants to stay relevant. Currently, its growth is the slowest amongst the social media platforms.

Messaging platforms ease company access

With the introduction of What’s App Business, its dominant parent company has set some major benchmarks! Business are now more reliable and accessible to consumers since it adds a personal touch any other platform fails to.
WeChat is a small company looking to cross 1 billion users this quarter. Like What’s App, WeChat reaches across many different functions to dominate social media and also purchasing and commerce. Chatbot is another reliable way of communicating with your customers.
Every year buyers are more and more of Millennials and Gen Z and fewer are of older age. These apps work as it helps customers talk to a company also enables them to speak in their native language.

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