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Strategy: Planning integrated solutions to deliver against your business objectives.

We sincerely believe it all starts and stems from here. Before we decide to guide you to invest in a single pixel, a piece of content or even a line of code, we first take a step back and see how we can transform your business for you.

Our approach considers two key areas; what people will like/use; what is the USP of your product offering or what is driving your business. This allows us to connect the dots and build a foundation around what we can create together. We believe, it is only then that we can add to your brand and marketing into the mix and help you create a complete picture.

The result is a comprehensive roadmap for success. From the strategy to the detailed multi-channel marketing plan, it will all then align with your business goals. At Di-Mentions this is the model for our relationships ensuring we are always aligned with our clients.

– Brand and identity planning
– Campaign analytics
– Channel planning
– Competitive audit
– Data strategy
– Ecommerce growth strategy
– Product strategy
– Strategic consulting
– User research
– Website analytics

UX + Design: Designing meaningful and innovative digital experiences that forge a connection with your customers.

Informed by strategy and realised by design, we challenge conventional assumptions to create disruptive, digitally driven experiences. Our design team works with businesses to drive innovation, identify opportunities, and create meaningful digital experiences.

Together with our clients, we create user experiences that make people’s lives a little better. We use data and human insight to drive our design thinking.

Content Creation: Developing a full end to end content solution from strategy through to execution.

At Di-mentions, we have a 360º, holistic approach to planning and creating content. For us, content is more than just something to read or watch. For us, Content is King!

It needs to tell a story. It needs to encourage action; and for that it must be valuable and memorable to ensure we deliver engagement for your brand.

Marketing + Tech: Uniting marketing with technology to drive innovation.

Technology has radically changed the world of marketing with the advent of new consumer channels – social, mobile and the web. Very few marketing agencies do technology well; and conversely many tech companies do not really understand marketing. The distinct duality of these worlds – marketing and tech – is eroding. We bring them together in a manner where marketing effectiveness is hugely amplified by technology.

Analytics + Insights: Offering advanced data analytics to realize measurable and actionable insights.

Our sole goal is to ensure we are delivering improved business performance through the work we do. This is where our analytics and optimization teams come to their own.

We take the time to look at all performance indicators through detailed analysis of your site data and only then do we make recommendations for how we can best optimize your site.

Whether you’re selling shoes and bags or you’re trying to increase bookings to your hotel, all the way to getting more people to complete an online quote; we’re going to be looking at how to move the needle the right way.

Digital Marketing: Driving profitable engagement through the strategic use of marketing channels.

BORN partners with clients to build and execute a comprehensive digital strategy across: paid media, SEO, social media, email marketing, analytics, online shopping channel management and content & creative.

– PPC, Google shopping, Banner Advertising
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
– Affiliate Networks
– Inbound Link Building
– Off-page Support
– Blogger Outreach
– Influencer Networks
– Email Strategy and execution
– EMS vendor selection

Client Support: Supporting all of our clients, all of the time.

Di-Mentions offers all of our clients a dedicated, 24/7 support service. We are always available.

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